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Many people find themselves in the corporate 9-5 job, feeling unfulfilled and lacking a personal touch and creativity. However, the jewellery industry offers a different experience, an opportunity to express your aesthetic sense while connecting with customers. It is also a growth industry, busting with potential returns for those who manage to break into this exclusive & mysterious field in Singapore.

Thousands of JDMIS students and graduates have found satisfaction and passion in this field. If you're considering a change, it may be worth exploring the jewellery industry and seeing if it aligns with your interests and career goals.

Join our upcoming limited Masterclass session to discover the secrets of how to successfully make the switch.

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discover new career opportunities

Planning a new exciting career? Learn what goes into producing quality jewellery and explore the possibilities that are open to you.

start your creative journey

Take a peek into the mysterious world of gems and inspirational design. Widen your horizons and let your creative side shine.

Purchase jewellery with confidence

Learn insider secrets about gems that will help in your next purchase. Get a new appreciation of the gems and jewellery you already own.

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what's in this masterclass

Gem Knowledge

  • Learn about the wide range of gems available on the market and how factors like size, colour and cut affect the value of gems

  • Tips on how to look for tell tale signs of non-genuine gems

Traditional Jewellery Design and Manufacture

  • Learn how designers create jewellery designs on paper and computer

  • Learn how the industry produces jewellery designs in volume

Artisanal Jewellery Fabrication

  • Explore creative opportunities for artistic individuals, e.g. metalsmithing, powder metallurgy

  • Watch how a fine silver piece is produced from start to finish using new jewellery technology

learn from the best

JDMIS is Singapore’s largest jewellery training centre with state-of-the-art equipment and the only specialised educational institution focussing on the jewellery arts.

Our Masterclass is conducted by JDMIS dean and founder Tanja Sadow, who is an award-winning jeweller and gemmologist with more than 4 decades of experience educating the jewellery industry across 4 continents.


Great teacher - Tanja is a delightful teacher with loads of experience, subject expert and she made the class totally enjoyable. 

Yen Ting C. (Singapore)